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BSA License Number: 1109935


We will remain open for business so long as the government allows.

Rest assured we are treating the matter very seriously and keeping up to date with the governments Covid-19 advice and regulation.

Specifically we are taking the following precautions.


1. Where quotes can be done from our office we are seeking to do so to allow increased ‘work from home’ per the governments advice.
2. Where we are attending site to quote we are
a) Sanitising before and after visiting a premises
b) Keeping distance of at least 1.5m from our customers and generally more
c) Avoiding touching surfaces unnecessarily
3. We will not be attending quotes if such staff are showing any signs of sickness

Working On-Site

1. Our staff are advised
a) not to come into work if such staff are showing any signs of sickness
b) keep 1.5m from each other at all times except where physically impossible to do so.
c) catch all random sneezes or coughs within their own shirt
d) carry with them soap and or sanitizer at all times, wash hands before commencing work,
before lunch breaks and before leaving work at any other times as may be prudent
e) not to share equipment where possible to avoid contact of common surfaces
f) not to come within 1.5m of any customer, other tradesperson or member of the public
2. Where possible we are keeping staff numbers to a minimum on each site, this can slow a projects progress slightly but not significantly.
3. Where staff must fill up at fuel stations or use public toilets to ensure correct hand sanitisation procedures are thoroughly followed.

Our staff prior to the increased advise of government were already asked to eliminate unnecessary social activity outside of work to lower their risks of contraction and with the government’s latest advice will continue to do so.


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