Concrete Driveway Cost Brisbane

Concrete Driveway Cost Brisbane

So you have decided to go for a concrete driveway, but how much does it actually cost? There is no single answer to that question. Like the cars that are parked on them, driveways come in all sizes and shapes.

The final cost of your driveway will depend on a number of factors, including: 

  • The size of your driveway;
  • The outline of the land and the type of concreting you have done;
  • Whether you want to go for plain concrete or select one from the different varieties of decorative concrete available. 

The costs of installing or restoring a concrete driveway will likely vary by location, the size of your project as well as the ongoing costs of material and labour. Generally speaking, a homeowner looking to upgrade or add a standard 30 square metre concrete driveway to their residential property in Australia can expect to pay around $1,500 to $3,000 (approximately $65 per square metre). 

There are two types of driveway upgrades. Either you are installing a new one from square one, or you are planning to tear down your existing driveway before the new one goes down. While the process for a new driveway is pretty straight-forward involving the preparation of the soil for concrete, replacing the old driveway with a new one translates to additional work and hence additional costs associated with the removal process. With the second procedure, removal and excavation can drive up the final cost of your driveway up to $95 to $150 per square metre or more.